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World AIDS Day 2006 Events

Pre WAD Activities
October November, 2006

No Activities Responsible Date Starting Ending Venue Remark
Ethiopian Orthodox Church WAD Activities (Various events) photograph display Press conference Educational/orientation sessions on ART and holy water will be held with the presence of the Patriarch and other church leaders EOC and its partners Nov. 23
ART Campaign Launch ART Campaign Launch ART Committee Nov. 25 Nov. 25 Dec. 31 ECA Under Process
Material Production Plan four types of posters 4 flyers 5000 T-shirts 15 Banners 2000 Paper Capes Red ribbons  (two types - 10,000 clothes and 1000 pins) WAC Taskforce Nov. 17 Nov. 1

Under production T-shirts will be delivered by UNICEF
Media Mobilization Plan Media Mobilization Plan Public Service Announcements WAC
National Radio Three languages

Ready for review
ETV in three languages

Order to be given to agencies
2 Press Conferences ART Press Conference WAD Press Conference ART Committee WAC Taskforce Nov 24 Nov. 30 Nov. 24 Nov. 30 Nov. 24 Nov. 30 Hilton/Ghion TBD - arrangements underway
Marching Bands (2 days) WAC Taskforce Nov. 24 Nov. 30 Nov. 22/23

Events Activities Responsible Date Venue Remark
House of People's Representatives WAD Commemoration Decoration of the Hall and Corridor Delivery of materials 2 podium and 3 road banners 900 T-Shirts 1000 red ribbon 900 paper capes HIV/AIDS music clips National Taskforce and Social Standing Committee Nov. 28 /29 House of People's Rep. T-shirts will be produced by UNICEF HAPCO will order for the production of banners, ribbons and paper capes, etc.)
Briefing to the house on WAD theme and commemoration activities Update the House on current status of HIV/AIDS in  Ethiopia and the response H.E. Dr. Tedros Adhanom; Minister of Health; FDRE Nov. 30 2:00 pm Prime Minister's office
- Panel Discussion with media coverage on the Year's theme H.E. Dr. Tedros Adhanom; Minister of Health; FDRE To be discussed with Social Standing Committee re: date, time and venue

Awards Ceremony -  Awards ceremony to prominent personalities and institutions in Ethiopia in the fight against HIV/AIDS MOH/HAPCO in consultation with PLWHA Associations and relevant institutions Dec. 1 Award To be decided Details will be worked out
Addis Ababa Events Community Conversation and Panel Discussion with media coverage Taskforce and AAHAPCO Nov. 27-30 Dec. 5-10 Addis Ababa Involves Edirs in 10 sub cities in two rounds
AA Schools based WAD Campaign AAHAPCO Nov. 27-30 and Dec. 1

Public Gathering AAHAPCO/Taskforce
Municipality Hall
Marching Band FHAPCO/AAHAPCO Dec. 1

Exhibition AAHAPCO/Taskforce Dec. 2 Maskel Square
Activities planned by various Organizations Around WAD Youth Mobilization (22 youth clubs in four cities AA, Bahir Dar, Mekele, Jimma) Youth and Sports,  Health Communication Partnership (HCP), Save the Children USA and WAD Taskforce Dec. 2 AA, Bahir Dar, Mekele, Jimma
Lesson for Life Campaign at schools Save the Children Alliance, HAPCO Dec. 1 Various Regions
Children's ART Competition/ Education Campaign Launch Save the Children Alliance, HAPCO Dec. 1 Hilton Underway since October 15
"Music for Life" Live Concert AAHAPCO, CDC, various organizations working on youth Dec. 17 AA Maskel Square Under follow up